Privacy statement

(v 05.2017)

  1. In accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Data Protection Act”) the Registered Person give their consent to the Operator by Registration to the provision, collection and processing of all their personal data provided at Registration and subsequently input into the ClickPark application (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data“), as well as to the processing of other non-personal data provided by them for the purposes of Registration, payment card registration, payments of the Services; as well as for the purposes of contacting and sending information, including using electronic means such as e-mail, SMS, telemarketing.
    This consent to the Personal Data processing for the purposes stated in the previous sentence is given by the Registered Person to the Operator until such consent is revoked.
    The Registered Person has the right to withdraw it at any time by sending a written notice of its withdrawal to the address of the Operator’s registered office.
  2. The Operator is entitled to provide Personal Data to the processor of claims or the insurance company, together with all necessary information in the event of a complaint, dispute or conflict if such information or data are required to resolve the complaint, dispute or conflict.
  3. The Registered Person declares that he/she is the right holder of a registered payment card or is authorised to perform the Registration and that the information provided at the Registration is valid. In the event that the Operator would process incorrect personal data or if the Registered Person had any doubts about the violation of the Personal Data Protection Act in connection with the Personal Data processing, they are entitled to ask the Operator for an explanation and to require the Operator to remedy the defective condition; they have the right to request blocking of inaccurate or incomplete Personal Data, its correction, completion or cancellation of the Personal Data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
  4. If anyone suspects that their Personal Data is being misused, they may contact the Office for Personal Data Protection.
  5. The Registered Person agrees that the e-mail address provided to the Operator may be used for direct marketing, i.e. for sending business messages of the Operator and its business partners. In case that the Registered Person does not wish to receive such communications, they may refuse to receive such communication at any time by sending an email containing their disagreement with the business communications sending to the address gdpr ( @ )